​Potholes, depressions, cracking and over all deterioration of our streets is becoming common here in Menasha.  How did we get to this point in just a few years? Well, Wisconsin weather is a big factor. More patches on top of patches is not the answer.  Experience is needed.  I chaired the Board of Public Works in the past and worked well with the Director. The Director is now retired and the city has taken too long (several months so far) in hiring his replacement.

I would like to see us go back to a stronger maintenance program.

Update our 5 year repair plan and priorities funding.  My best work has always been in the budget process.

Our streets are beginning to fail or are now having condition issues. This issue will be a top priority in this campaign. 

Sevenich has put on a free basketball tournament for kids at Hart Park for 23 years.

Broad Street clean up.

"Stan Sevenich is the candidate who can bring the most experience, unwavering dedication, and unequaled depth of knowledge to the Menasha Common Council."

Former Alderman Mike Taylor

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a home owner in Menasha I also want to keep taxes stable.  I spent hours in the budget process of making all but one change in the 2015 City of Menasha budget.  My actions, along with help of some colleagues lead to your 2015 city's portion of the taxes to go down.  This was also done with city staff doing things different yet providing great services that we all expect.  Let's get back to a stable tax rate.  My best work has always been the city budget.  When elected I will work hard again in stabilize our tax rate.

Street Conditions

I actually lead the charge to have automation recycling in Menasha.

We have had past employees who had the foresight to see the saving to taxpayers with automation.  In fact, other communities have come to Menasha to learn our process.

What has recycling done for Menasha.

1.) It's created jobs. 2.) Provided local manufactures with products.

3.) Keeps waste out of our landfills. 4.) Saved taxpayers in tipping fees at landfills.  5.) Made Menasha environmentally cleaner.

When I talk to people in the community most do not know they can just add another container next to their recycling container if they have an over flow. (There is no added charge for this.)  We also are one of the few communities in the area that have a recycling drop off center at our city garage. Recycling programs and options are important to me and I want to continue to work with all our partners in making recycling causes we can all believe and share in.


  • Menasha Alderman. 
  • Menasha Council President 2 years
  • Winnebago County Board 3 years
  • Bachelor of Science - UW-Oshkosh
  • Associates Degree - UW-Fox Valley
  • Menasha High School Class of 1980
  • Business owner of 29 years

Issues Important to Us

Recycling Forward


Stan's Background